Investor Relations

To ensure a bright future for our planet and your portfolio, invest in the growing green energy sector with South Marston Renewables.

South Marston Renewables is committed to the development and operation of renewable energy power production at scale. By investing in the development of renewable energy infrastructure, we believe we can both tackle climate change and alter social awareness in pursuit of a genuinely low carbon future – when sustainable energy production and secure energy supply will be at the heart of our communities, the energy sector and Government policy.

We invest in projects with the potential for full development; programmes based on large-scale solar PV, concentrated solar power, onshore wind and anaerobic digestion technology; and developers who share our values, motivations and passion. Once we understand the MW potential, we look at the safe preservation of capital, and finally the returns.

To avoid runaway climate change, the International Energy Agency has estimated that a global spend of $10.5 trillion will be needed in the next 20 years on low-carbon energy and energy efficiency. It is money that can come from amongst others insurers and pension funds. Using provenly ‘bankable’ documents to ease all funding issues, we’ve standardised our development and construction process, achieving an admirable speed and frequency of project throughout.