Corporate Governance

As part of our commitment to continue the pursuit of South Marston Renewables founding mission and purpose – to accelerate the global energy transition and make new green energy investments – we are committed to a target of investing or arranging £3bn in green energy projects over the next three years.

To count towards this target, certain criteria must be met:

– Investments count towards this target if they are made or arranged by GIG, its subsidiaries, or any fund managed by South Marston Renewables.

– An investment is considered arranged by South Marston Renewables, if South Marston Renewables played an instrumental role in making it happen – this requires demonstrable evidence such as a lead sponsorship role, a formal arrangement mandate, or some other form of similar evidence.

– The investment must comply with South Marston Renewables’s green objectives and secure a Green Impact Report.

The investment must be made in an asset or project located in the UK or Europe (or, in the case of UKCI, in one of the geographies specified in the investment mandate).

– Contributing investments can be made into new projects or as an injection of additional capital into an existing project.

We continually track our progress towards this target and publicly report on an annual basis.